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Laptop help

Dear Internets,

Further to Mr Eris' post on the subject, I have after tedious hours of trawling identified the Samsung R510 as a possible option.

However, I am not Overlord of all Technology or anything - indeed, my own computer only works now that it is a completely different machine (mind you, I did manage to put it all together again inside a new box, so go me). Anyway, the point being, I might miss a glaring rubbishness or something with my choice of machine, so if anyone could advise us on the above, that would be jolly super.

The review I linked to says it has crap speakers, but I assume there's no reason I can't plug others in. The other thing is that I can't seem to get it with XP, but this also seems to be the case with the others I've looked at, so meh.

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You won't be able to get PCs pre-installed with XP anymore, but apparently Windows 7 is really good; a vast improvement on bloody shitty Vista.


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I am on my second Samsung laptop, my first lasted eight years my second is now in it's fourth. Mine is the R45 It's main problems are keys come lose and the fans tend to go but you can get parts and you can put extra parts in yourself without too much hassle. They don't do large amounts of software so well but I use mine for internet mostly so for me it's not an issue, I am not sure how it would cope with a couple of music packages though.
Windows 7 is that rare thing from Microsoft, a decent bit of software so you can ask for that to be pre installed instead of the hideous Vista.
Hope this helps