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Can often be found under a duvet.

And in fact, given that she has her very own theme music, is currently formulating an evil plan to take over the world by stealing all the duvets and sewing them together, thus creating a giant duvet that will smother the planet.


Also, in Xykogen. That's right, look impressed.

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'splosions, angels, attack kittens, babylon 5, bagpuss, baytor, bill bailey, brad dourif, c64, comics, demons, dogs on wheels, duvets, eddie izzard, exit club, fiddypee challenges, final fantasy, flaming bogroll football, grebo, industrial, invader zim, jackie chan, jet li, joy, judder, lance henriksen, lee and herring, mischief, monkey, monsters, mythology, ninjas, picnics, pokemon, puter games, ren and stimpy, survival horror, tentacles, the clangers, tim burton, traps, wasp factory, xykogen
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