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Back to the Futurepunk - 22 November 2007

It will be good.

Previously in Mogworld: Went to Whitby. Wanted to kill people who got in my way. Met some nice people off the internets.
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Dear people upstairs,

I really think that the time has come to admit that it was never meant to be. I feel it would be in everyone's best interests for you to split up now.

Also, I suspect the kids should be taken into care.

No love


Edit: PS On the other hand, that dream I had in which your fighting caused the discovery of an ancient Egyptian tomb was quite cool, if somewhat implausible.
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Pleeeeeeeeeease will someone come and make my computer work?

You may or may not remember my entry of, I'm told, seven weeks ago on a similar subject. Well. The machine in question now has not only a new motherboard, but also new memory, new processor, new graphics card and new PSU. I managed this amazing feat all by myself (I now know lots more about hardware, which can be no bad thing), and it actually bloody worked for a while there.

Then it broke again. In the same way (i.e. monitor switched to standby whilst my back was turned, computer did not appear to be doing anything and would not reboot, after turning-off-and-on-again will not POST). Only this time, we no longer have a POST reporter, or even, apparently, any POST-y beeping. All we have is a D-bracket with useful diagnostic LEDs. It tells me four red lights = "System Power ON - The D-LED will hang here if the processor is damaged or not installed properly". Removing and reseating everything does not help. I have not tried clearing CMOS settings yet, but beyond that I really don't know what else to do besides sulk, and I have done plenty of that already.


I cook you dinner!

Blag *

Jul. 9th, 2007 02:42 pm
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It reeeeeally is about time I got my puter fixed. I've been managing without it for far too long now. I am more or less resigned to just getting a new motherboard, but I feel I should have one last check whether anyone knows what might be wrong with it. (Is anyone even still reading this?)

So. One day it suddenly stops sending signal to the monitor whilst my attention is elsewhere. I wiggle the mouse a bit assuming it is just on standby, to no avail. This is somewhat disconcerting, as it's quite hard to guess what the problem might be without a visual aid. For all I know, it might still be working in all ways apart from this. At a loss as to appropriate course of action, I ctrl-alt-delete a couple of times. Machine does not make any restarting sort of noises, so I 'try turning it off and on again'. Instead of usual POSTy behaviour, I get 'system failed CPU test'. (Hurrah for talking computers instead of cryptic beeping.) Still no signal to monitor, but I assume this is a thing that happens after POST.

Stage two: Opening up, cleaning and reseating CPU, ram etc. No change. Also did something out of the mobo manual that restores BIOS factory settings, incase a setting has inexplicably changed itself. At some point it randomly starts working again, although we are unsure of what (if anything) we have done to cause this. After an hour or so, it stops working again, in the same way as it did initially.

We acquire a new processor (thanks [ profile] deathboy :-), which does not seem to help matters. This time 'System failed due to CPU overclock'. After turning it on hopefully a few times over several days, it finally agrees to show me the BIOS, and I put the CPU speed on its lowest setting. It gaily starts up, but shuts down again after a couple of minutes. Then we are back to failing CPU test again. Mog and Eris cry in each others arms.

Thanks for any advice.

*[ profile] markhb: Do you ever blog these days?
Me: Nah, too apathetic. Usually when I want something.
[ profile] markhb: Nonono, that's blagging.
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That nice Mr [ profile] _vargr_, who is kindly carting my beloved and I Whitbywards, would like it made known that is a further space in the car going (two at a squish). Assume we are going Thursday morning and coming back Monday. People who can make it to ours for pickup especially welcome.
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Dear friends,

To whichever of you have sent us a non-letterbox-sized parcel by Royal fucking Mail. Thank you so much, I'm sure it is lovely, whatever it is, and we will be delighted to receive it at some point. Surprises are ace and all, but please, for the love of all that is good and joyous, get one of our work addresses to send stuff to in future, as the stress of having to deal with getting a parcel back off Royal Mail will see us in an early grave!

Thank you and much love



Nov. 27th, 2006 02:47 pm
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Well, that seemed to go quite well. No major fuck-ups, despite actually Being In Charge Of The Singing for one song, and some people even said they thought that one was especially good (kind of them ;-). Victory. I had planned to write a bit more, but there seems to be work to do, of all things, on my last day before swanning off on an Egyptian cruise. Tsk.

Anyway, yes. Thank you to everyone that turned up - you're all splendid. And jolly well done Deathboy, History of Guns, Action Directe and Snuff Radio.

Someone left behind a black-dyed German army shirt with some Soviet flag and anti-Nazi type stuff on it, so if anyone appears to be missing such a thing (someone said [ profile] pda had lost a coat?) it's now in our flat and you can't have it back until next week. Sorry.

If there is anything you want me to know before we go away, best get on with it, since whilst there are meant to be internets on the boat, no-one has said whether they cost money yet.
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You remember that there Futurepunk 23 gig what you're all coming to?

Well, because we love you so much, we have made advance tickets available specially for you. You can get them here, and you should. Otherwise it might sell out before you get there!
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All of my more entertaining dreams seem to involve [ profile] lee_chaos. Presumably because he's the herald of Fun. This one is the sort that's actually semi-plausible. I was in my secondary school, doing some work (apparently as some sort of staff member) whilst drinking a can of cider. Well, it was Friday. Some chavvy schoolgirls looked in the open window, and some patronising conversation ensued, possibly about what I was doing there and why I was drinking. This was interrupted by a bang from outside, and the schoolgirls wandered off looking excited. I look out of the window, and there's Lee, marching up the school field in a rain of fireworks. It seems he had been hired by the school for this very purpose - what a great idea! (Well, the schoolkids loved him, anyway.)
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I have been blighted with some ghastly disease by my Nemesis, Some Bastard who is Presumably Responsible.



Oct. 31st, 2006 08:18 am
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New Xykogen album The Death and Resurrection Show now available for free here.

Go downloady.

Also, we have t-shirts (not free). You can get one at our gig on 23 November.

In related news, some people liked us at Whitby. Yay!
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You really ought to all come to this, especially if you are not going to Whitby.

Flyer under cut )
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For those of you who read this, but not [ profile] markeris (are there any, even?):

We find ourselves in the unusual situation of feeling like leaving the house this evening (without it being required of us). Is anything we might like to do happening? (It could probably do with being within a five mile radius, mind.)

Mad food

Sep. 26th, 2006 01:38 pm
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Who'da thunk that mashed up banana, mayonnaise and smoked mackerel on crackers might make a palatable lunch?

This experiment brought to you by 'things one eats when too busy to go outside'.
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Two, count 'em! They require a year's office experience - there may be others that don't, but obviously they won't be any use because you will not get to interact with me on a daily basis.
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Does anyone know the purpose of the following type of spam?

Hi mog_warbeast,

How are you?

You gave me your email and I would like to talk to you.

I am bigchestedgal on msnmessneger

I love having fun with hot guys and you are hot

I've had an explosion of it recently that isn't getting filtered (mostly addressed directly to me).
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We're playing next Whitby.

So you should all bally well come to it.

In case any of you haven't been paying attention, that's Xykogen, the band what I'm in and everything. If not for me, do it so you can see my esteemed other half rapping.

Tell everyone.

In slightly less important news, you should also come see the Cardiacs at the Astoria on 10 November, like all the cool kids (well, me and [ profile] amon_zero) are doing.


Jul. 3rd, 2006 10:39 pm
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Further to previous entry, oops. That went badly. Curses to having images turned off at work and therefore not noticing foolish copy/paste mistake.

Flyer is now actually there.
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